On the road to Medium Format

It has been years since I updated the blog last time. It is not because I gave up on photography. But I simply have not done much in black and white and then my private life crashed with the time it takes to update a blog. I still own the Monochrom and I still shoot it, but these are  now private shots that don’t belong here.

But then a friend of mine contacted me a couple of weeks ago. He told me that he found an old camera and wanted to know it it would be of any value. It turned out to be a tchech TLR, the brand is Flexaret, it is probably the model V. I told him that it would depend if it is still working and that it would probably not be worth more than 100 Swiss Franks. He didn’t wanted to go through the hassle of selling it on Ebay and asked me if I want it and of course I said yes! It turned out that the overall condition is quite nice, but as it spent the last couple of decades in a shelf, the shutter is stuck..

We have a shop here in Zurich that is all about film photography called Ars-Imago and I decided to show the the camera and ask if the shutter can be repaired. Much to my surprise they know a guy who used to work for Rollei and now does make repairs for these old cameras. They suggested that I let him have a look and much to my he said that he can fix it. Unfortunately the guy is very busy so it will take a couple of weeks until I will get it back. But from what I have been told, the old man is doing a complete CLA and it should be in good working condition when I get it back. It will cost me 200 Swiss Franks, but I think it will be worth it.

The camera has a 80mm f 3.5 lens that, if it is in good condition, should be quite good. I can hardly wait to try this thing out!

As I haven’t shot film for ages, I got my M3 from the shelf and shot a few rolls. I gave Ilford HP5+ a try and although it has quite a bit of grain, I think it will be what I shoot first on it. It is a nice and forgiving film and its characteristics suit the old camera well. Should the lens be sharp, I will give TMax a try.

CyberViewX v5.16.55Model Code=54 F/W Version=1.08

Stair to knowledge

CyberViewX v5.16.55Model Code=54 F/W Version=1.08

There’s to place the home… I grew up in this street


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