There is something about an old forest. More often not, we get a creepy, eerie feeling in such a forest, especially when we walk trough it on a foggy grey day. Maybe it is just me, but I get often reminded of the movie Sleepy Hollow by Tim Burton starring Jonny Depp and the “Tree of Dead” where the horseman is buried. If you have seen the movie I am sure you remember scene in which the horseman emerges from the roots of the old oak tree.

There is such an old wood near the place where I’m living and I often walk by one spot where I catch myself how I expect the horseman, who is played in such a great way by Christopher Walken, to emerge from the roots.

The first time I walked past this spot I thought that these roots would look great in black and while and a few days ago I was finally there with my camera and a roll of HP5+. As always when using this film placed the shadows in Zone 4 which gave me a nice flat looking scan with lots of room to work with in Lightroom.

Basel und Mami -016

Leica M3, Summicron 50mm, Ilford HP5+


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