I have to admit, I got sick waiting for the Flexaret to be repaired. It is now being serviced for over two month and I understand that the guy doing it is probably in retirement doing it as a hobby.

But I just wanted to try it out, to see, what it would be to have such a bit negative and so I started to look around. What would be good cameras? What format do I want to use? How much was I willing to spend? And what format? 6×6? 6×4.5? 6×7? So many choices!

In the end, I decided to get myself a Japanese camera from the seventies, a Brand named Zenza Bronica. the feedback on these cameras was good and, according to the internet, they had really good lenses.  And so I went to Ebay and got myself one.

After waiting for two weeks, that felt again like an eternity to me, it finally arrived and I used the nice weather for a short hike and fill a roll of Kodak TMax 100.

The mountain hut where I hoped to get something to eat and drink was of course closed, after all, it is now middle November and they are closed for the season


No drinks served here Bronica SQ-A, 80mm, Kodak TMax 100

What really surprised me was, how much the Epson V800 scanner was able to rescue a very underexposed negative. After taking the reading with my light meter I forgot to adjust the shutter speed as well (stupid noob!) and instead of 1/8th I exposed at 1/125 so four stops under. The negative was  very thin and I didn’t expect anything to show up. Much to my surprise, this is what I got from it! Still very much underexposed, but I like the mood 🙂


Way underexposed (4 stops) Bronica SQ-A, 80mm, Kodak TMax 100

I’m quite pleased with the results, I hope you like them too!


All shots were taken on a Zenzanon Bronica SQ-A, Zenzanon 80mm PS lens on Kodak TMax 100, developped in Ars-Imago FD developper (6 minutes, dilution 1:39)


4 Comments on “6X6

  1. congrats on your first great results!
    my Epson V500 just passed away and i started checking both V800 and V850 and was surprised that instead of big difference of the price both are identically similar – but the scanning software is the difference. so looks i will go for this V800 !


    • I am quite happy with the V800 but I’m no big fan of the medium Format film holders. They come visit a glass surface which seems to attract fingerprints and dust like crazy. So I think about getting the holders for the v700


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