It has arrived

So, after weeks and weeks of waiting, the camera, that reinspired my fascination with film photography has finally arrived. And the repairman at Ars-Imago did a great job, the camera is in perfect working condition.

Was it worth waiting for? Well, what definitely can be said is that it is a beauty and catches the attention of people who see it dangling around my neck.

SQ-A 003 Innsbruck002
Flexaret V, taken with the Bronica SQ-A on TMax 400

I visited the Christmas markets at Innsbruck and quite a few people commented on it were fascinated that it is still in use. One older Lady told me how they recently cleaned the attic of he old uncle. She told me that they found old cameras like this one. “you know, old russian cameras like Leicas” l was really tempted to ask her to take me to her uncle’s place. 🙂 But then I decided to tell her instead that at least the Leica might be worth some money.

I am actually quite impressed with the quality of the pictures this old lens produces. The photo of the mime was taken at f3.5, which is the widest aperture of this lens and the lens resolved plenty of detail. As the focusing screen has not aids for focusing at all and the viewing lens is not the sharpest lens, getting focus is actually nothing you can do quickly.

But without more talking, below you’ll find a few photos from the first roll of film this camera took since decades.

Innsbruck Main Street f11, 1/125
Innsbruck, taken on HP5+, f11, 1/125

Proof that focusing is not easy… the two buskers stood perfectly still, yet I missed focus on their faces…

Buskers, f4, 1/125

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