Magic of imperfection

When was the last time you were satisfied with something mediocre? Or even happy with something that was far from perfect?

In our society, we are so conditioned to be successful, perfect, to have no weaknesses and failure is never an option. We are so indoctrinated with this thought, that we completely forget that perfection is not the norm and that much knowledge comes from mistakes and learning from errors.

In my quest to learn black and white photography I also try to get better and better and mediocre shots don’t give me the feeling of accomplishment we all love and want to experience as often as possible. But by the magic of film photography, every now and then a shot that didn’t turn out as expected has a quality that makes me look again and again at the photo, trying to understand what it is that makes it so special, so I can repeat it when ever I want a photo to have this special thing.

On the first roll I shot on the Flexaret, three shots had quite severe light leaks. I still have to find out what caused them, but on two of the photos, the light leaks added something quite special to the photo.

For once, I’m quite happy with imperfection!

Taking a break, f4, 1/125
Flexaret V, Ilford HP5+ developed in Rodinal (1:25 for 8′)

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